Student of the Month

"It's All about Attitude" Students for October!



It’s All About Attitude Student of the Month

Kellen Lloyd

4th grader in Mrs. Raffelt's homeroom.  Kellen will stop whatever his doing to help others. He Jumped into action to escort another student who was in severe pain to the nurse.  Thank you for genuinely looking out for others and spreading kindness.

It’s All About Attitude  and "Being a Warrior Kid"
October Students:

Kllen Lloyd, Colin Lavezzo, Izaiah Carven, Joseph Lafond, Laela Henry,
Miley Scott.

5th Grade:

Jordan Bredenberg, Ronen Poddar, Bradley Means Maliyah manuel, Will rayne, Isabella Candeloro, Rani Liu, Adam Pouchan

 6th Grade:

Carrie Deem, Allie Coleman, Maggie Pfaff, Nate Winklbauer, Addy Dawkins, Jaymir Reddick, Lylah Pryor