Student of the Month

"It's All about Attitude" Students for February!



Landon Schul

5th Grader in Mrs. Cropper's Homeroom
Given for:  Landon stepped between students and broke up a fight on the ball field! Way to be responsible Landon! Given by Ms. Straight

Student's of the Month

4th Grade
Taylor Hook, Haley Mikulski, Timothy Jackson, Alexander Gillen,
Niyah Adams

5th Grade
Landon Schul, Paige Lenz, Sully Auker, Walker Hastings, Angelina Li,
Chris Mays

6th Grade
Addison McDaniel Laura Truitt, Jamie Consigli, Brittney Maza-Vargas, Grace Kline, Jorge Sosa-Murilo, Yami Portela-Morales