Vice Principals' Page

 Kristy Clark 

As I begin my 21st year in education for Worcester County Public Schools, I am excited to start a new school year with the students, parents, and staff of Berlin Intermediate School.  During my tenure in public education, I have worked all over Worcester County. I started my career as a 6th grade math teacher at Berlin Intermediate School, then served as a math interventionist at Berlin Intermediate.  Next, I worked countywide as an Instructional Math Coach at Showell Elementary, Ocean City Elementary, Berlin Intermediate, Snow Hill Middle, and Pocomoke Middle School.  I am currently the Assistant Principal at Berlin Intermediate School, where my professional career began. 

Each of these experiences was a learning opportunity for me to grow as a person and as an educator, as well as helping to forge my core beliefs in teaching, mentoring, and caring for students.  I call my core beliefs “My Why.”  It is what drives me and grounds me in the work that I do with my students.  Every Kid, Every Day hangs proudly on my wall as a constant reminder and compass for all the decisions I make for students each day.

My goal is to help support students in becoming good citizens at Berlin Intermediate School.  At Berlin Intermediate School, we use a restorative approach to instruct the students on the three R’s.  We believe it is our job to teach students what it means to be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to learn.  Our staff works tirelessly to model and teach behaviors through the implementation of the Seahawk Code and through team building activities during our monthly House Challenge Den Meetings.  I believe it is our job to nurture the academic and emotional wellbeing of ALL students by setting high expectations that focus on the mutual respect of one another, taking responsibility for their actions, and coming to school ready to learn. 

Mrs. Kristy Clark, Vice Principal
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Dr. Gell

I am very excited to begin my fifth year as the Assistant Principal/Extended Day Administrator at Berlin Intermediate School.  Worcester County Public Schools are near and dear to me since I have lived and worked here for 17 years as an administrator and have two children who attend Snow Hill High School. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Berlin Intermediate School community.  I look forward to working collaboratively with parents, teachers, staff, and community members to ensure student success. As always, please contact me with any opportunity to make your experience here at BIS meaningful and positive.

Since joining the team here at Berlin Intermediate School, I have heard and repeated the phrase Believe, Imagine, Succeed on a daily basis.  This very brief and concise phrase speaks volumes and serves as the foundation for a successful future for students and staff alike.  

Believe: To believe in oneself instills confidence and enables you to set and accomplish goals that one might otherwise feel unattainable.

Imagine: To imagine meeting with success, dreaming big and envisioning excellence enables you to picture yourself meeting your goals. 

Succeed: Success happens when one believes and imagines that their goals are obtainable.   

Dr. David Gell, Vice Principal and Extended School Administrator
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