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  We are proud of our ever changing collection of over 10,000 books for students to read, however reading isn't the only thing going on in our library.  We have robots,  3D printers, engineering materials and many crafting items.  We have a Maker Space for any student to use when they have projects and of which our STEM students make great use. There is a little picture gallery down below highlighting just a few of the projects the STEM classes have created. 

We appreciate the support we get from our PTA and parents.  Further down on this page, you will find a Maker Space wish list.  Please think of us when you are doing your fall and spring cleaning.

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Students can use their Office365 user name and password to log into Discovery Education.  SIRS and Capstone have different user names and passwords which by contract we are unable to publish on the website.  You can send a note into school with your child or call the school to get those passwords.

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Media Expo

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Media Expo Entries are due January 13, 2023. Are you wondering about the different categories of Media Expo?  Here are some awesome and helpful videos to give you some more information!

Through the Lens:
Computer programming:

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